• Live today,
    Faith in tommorrow,
    hope is living,
    Loving every moment,
    Laughing with friends,
    time stands still and then slows down,
    As we realise our time has come to an end,
    Some wear their pride out on their sleeves and in their hearts,
    Some show their pride in themselves,
    Pride in our school,
    But we try to hide it like its shamful,
    Let it out when its too late,
    We walk down one last time,
    Shaking hands,
    Looking out in the crowd
    And realize we might not see everyone that`s here again.
    We count the days until we`re done,
    Another year,
    Not alot of fun,
    But then we realize just how lucky we are,
    Just to be here.
    We hope will meet again,
    Try to keep in touch
    And wonder about what we could have done-
    The what ifs in life that we just find out,
    we say we should of,
    I say do it,
    Never look back,
    Get out of that box you`ve made for yourself,
    Wear your pride like a metal,
    Show it,
    Love it,
    you only got three years in this "prison"
    But once you get out,
    you look back on those short years
    And see it as a haven,
    Not just a school,
    But as a time you`ll never forget.
    So try something new this time
    And live like today is your last day,
    Every day,
    And never look back,
    Enjoy these few years you have here
    in D.C.Everest High.