• This lucid chain still binds me,
    My soul roaring for freedom,
    Wile these questionable feelings,
    Flood into the heart and mind,
    Love no longer holds meaning,
    Just another heartless word,
    Spoken by fools who know not,
    The difference betwixt lust and love,
    And yet for you my heart weeps,
    Softly as the tears tear through,
    This facade that I throw up,
    Selfishly protect my heart from,
    Shattering with your rejectment,
    Locking these emotions away wile,
    Wondering how your soft supple skin,
    Would be pressed against mine, that
    Strengthening my resolve to open the lock,
    Letting Pandora out of her box to,
    Share these feelings with you,
    Only to falter at the last second,
    My fear kicking me back into place as,
    I smile when our eyes lock knowing that,
    This lucid chain still binds me,
    My soul still wishing to be free.