• Pillow sacks of rainbow colors
    Dropped on asphalt streets
    From frantic trembling hands
    Of little girls and boys
    Dressed as their favorite
    Fairy tale creatures
    As princesses and princes

    Laughing orange haunted faces
    Eerily lighted with yellow traces
    Eyes playing tricks as well as
    Neighbors who dress as see-through specters
    Screaming from their doorsteps
    Guarding the candy with their claws
    Rewarding the brave and wise
    With speaking hands and bushes

    Red hunter's moon blaring in the sky
    Glaring as Satan's limited eye
    As his hallowed night proceeds
    With fright and laughter
    As jokes and fakes are revealed
    As friends; neighbors with
    Decorated bowls of horror
    And bite-sized candy

    Older couples dressed as monsters
    Complete the bloody circle
    Of haunting rooms in the
    Haunted house made for play and
    Fun. Startled men and women
    Scream and run from
    Horror to horror
    On all hallows eve.