• Falling is hard
    tab In love, I mean
    Its like skydiving
    tab believe me, I've done both.
    There's initial fear,
    tab enormous amounts of doubt;
    Then you go for it.
    tab The big leap of faith...
    And then the incredible rush.
    tab That stomach dropping
    Gut-wrenching feeling of delight
    tab And fear
    Everytime you open your eyes.
    tab The world is beneath your feet
    No, literally, look down.
    :tab biggrin on't look down
    Pull the chute
    tab It opens. You feel safe.
    And then the ground approaches.
    tab It rushes in, bringing panic.
    You finally land, sometimes softly,
    tab sometimes you crash to the earth
    And the ride is over.
    tab For some people, they are caught in the strings
    Never really moving on
    tab for others, they disassemble from it
    and get right back up there.
    tab And some will never skydive again.