• Everywhere I look,
    Bodies all around,
    Sand dyed red in the sunset,
    I watch as the last enemy falls.

    Lowering my sights I look around,
    I see my comrades rejoicing,
    But as I continue to look,
    One seems to be missing,
    The most important one.

    I continue to look around,
    Still I cannot find you,
    No matter how hard I listen,
    Still I cannot hear you.

    I finally spot you,
    Tears in my eyes,
    The one man to fall,
    The one no one seems to seem
    Why couldn't it be me?

    Quick as a flash,
    Before anyone would notice,
    Kneeling next to you,
    Wondering what to do.

    Tears slide down my cheeks,
    One last smile lights your face,
    You tell me not to cry,
    That in the end it'll be alright,
    I find myself believing,
    If only for a little while.

    You talk about the day we met,
    I tell you just what I felt,
    Thinking I find one thing,
    That you were always there for me.

    One more word was all it took,
    Three more words and my body shook,
    And as I watched your last breath leave,
    I told you what you meant to me,
    If only for the very last time.

    One more soldier lost to war,
    A hundred hearts broken more,
    And with a soldiers last heart beat there,
    One more heart was shattered beyond repair.

    As I watched your eyes dim and close,
    The pain I felt continued to grow,
    And as they laid you in the ground,
    The pain got worse...
    Because I let you down.

    As the days turned into years,
    I find myself returning here,
    And just like you,
    I took one last breath,
    And smiled as I saw you.