• When someone you love is done
    Done with living, He just wants to be gone
    No strength or energy to live anymore
    It's something you just can't ignore

    Everything seems to lose it's color
    Your heart, filled with anger
    The world is spinning fast, but time is running so slow
    You can't breath, you can't swallow

    You just want to tell him how much you love him
    That the family can't live without him
    How you can't understand that he's giving up already
    You'll try and hold back the tears, bravely

    You ignore the thoughts and the pain
    Everything seems to bored and plain
    Nothing makes sense anymore
    And your heart feels so sore

    Wanting to spend every single time
    With him, holding his hand the whole time
    Trying not to think about what will happen
    When he's gone to heaven

    You'll try to make the best of it
    Even trying to make him laugh a bit
    Slowly accepting his decision
    As his soul is slowly disappearing