• As the tears start rolling, I'll put on my mask.
    I'll watch the world change, and see the moon wax.

    These thoughts that I'm hiding, won't go away.
    I'll stuff them in my chest, the hearts own hideaway...

    My mask is white, the innocence over-whelming.
    The sub-smile working its way into my voice, like a song seeming.. oh...surreal.

    The evening's moons is waxing,
    and now time is for unmasking.

    The crowd halts in fear, as a hero revered
    turns his blade on the villain he was seeking.

    The dance partner he was so wooing,
    Was his own undoing.

    In madness, he wears the mask, and watches the world go by.
    His pain is in his chest as he asks himself, why?