• I'm shattered

    Why can't you see?

    A Shadow, Smited, Sliding, Slipping, Tripping, Tipping

    to the floor.

    Left. Trapped. Abandoned. Sealed away. A Rhetorical Tower.



    Why have I been left with you to rot and spoil.


    You have tainted me with your will


    Why are you so cruel?

    So Calculating, so Creepy, so Cautious, so Conniving

    Cheating, Backstabbing, Vicious


    I could say more

    You Burned me, Buried me

    Left me Beaten, Battered, Blistered, Bruised, Blamed

    A Puppet, your loyal Pawn, a Fool…

    There's no air

    I'm drowning

    in Anger, Hatred, Malice, Cruelty, Chaos, Vengeance

    All yours.

    Not mine…

    There's nothing left

    I'm empty inside

    An open Book with Blank pages

    A closed Door, opened, to find Emptiness

    A Broken Soul