• I can feel my flesh rotting,
    I can feel it peeling off my bones,
    I can feel you picking away at the ice surrounding my heart,
    Put there to protect me,
    And no,
    Your intentions are not good..
    I can see it in your eyes,
    My skin fades away, and all that's left are my bones,
    And even now you pry through my rib cage to get to my decompoing heart.
    Still beating..
    Still gushing out blood..
    Yeah, i bleed for you.
    But you don't care,
    You just want me back,
    Because i let you go,
    And now you want your revenge.
    I see through your lies an deceitful actions.
    You say you miss me.
    You say you never wanted it to end like this,
    But yet you tell you're friends you only used me,
    Telling them i was nothing to you,
    How do you expect me to believe anything you say after the past?
    How can you expect me to come back to you?
    You always lied...
    You never cared..
    But yet i still find myself slipping back to you..
    What you did was wrong,
    And i know i shouldn't forgive you...
    But somehow..
    Oh somehow...
    You got me feeling sorry...
    I can feel my bones being bleached by the sun..
    I feel my heart decomposing even more from the heat..
    But now...
    I cant take one more step twards you..
    'Cause all that's waiting is regret..
    So now i can't go back to you..
    So i need to say goodbye, i need to let you go..