• Lonely as i can get
    Maybe i can just forget...
    Tears are being shed...
    ...On this poem that's being read.
    I've been broken
    Now i've finally spoken.
    Now keep reading for the ending,
    For i'll keep getting men to take my heart and they'll keep on spending.
    No... Its ruined and i'm bleeding
    As you and i keep on reading.
    As a flower bloom,
    Its in its doom.
    Its just a bummer.
    Maybe these chains shatter...
    Or does it even really matter?
    These tears won't stop.
    Okay, i'm done! Lets take this to the top.
    I will die
    As this pie...
    ...Starts to rot!
    I will not--
    Oh forget it...
    I'm done and you may call my soul a twit...