• I remember watching other kids play at recess,
    Watching them through eyes of an outcast.

    I remember the fantasy world I created,
    Just to hide from the words of hatred.

    I remember the feeling of never being loved,
    Forever to walk alone.

    I remember the trickery,
    The mockery,
    I remember the pain all the kids thought up.

    I remember how, even my made up world crumbled,
    Never to be salvaged.

    That one time when holding everything down wasnt enough,
    The things that you did, those words that had been spoken,
    To this day even, I remember...

    The day when my eyes turned blank, sorrowful, cold.
    A deadly gaze to behold.

    Time passed by in my darkness..
    I still have that gaze but, not so often now.

    For I remember the time meeting new friends,
    How slowly it was for me to accept right away.
    But when it came, that day changed me again.

    I remember feeling trust again,
    relying on those who care.

    The new memories we made,
    Making me smile deep inside
    Even if you couldn't tell.

    Knowing the meaning of peace yet again,
    Telling my heart to cautiously come out from behind its sheild.

    I remember how I looked forward to a brighter tomorrow,
    Grinning as the part of me wanting to give up backed away.

    I remember telling how I felt to someone,
    Wanting that someone to stay.

    I remember, changing for the better.

    I remember...