• Blood seeps through my soul
    A raging hunger tamed only by fool.
    I fear the light yet thirst for dark
    I prowl the alleys slick as a shark.
    My eyes glow red, Im in for the kill
    My speed is breakneck, feet filled with skill.
    You tremble in the darkness, I can smell your fear
    I whisper my quote "Join me in hell, my dear."
    You have no reaction, there is no time
    You cannot think, act, nor rhyme.
    I lunge for your throat, my canines shoot out
    You lean your head back, not trying to shout.
    The police come by early one morn'
    They see my leftovers, eyes filled with scorn.
    "That was rather delightful" I tell myself
    I hang a picture of my victim, she lies on my shelf.

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