• Slash the body until it bleeds,
    Til it bleeds,
    Til it bleeds.
    Crunch it's bones and watch it scream.
    My Fair Lady.

    Beat the body into no more,
    Into no more,
    Into no more.
    Get the key and lock the door.
    My Fair Lady.

    Now set fire to the house,
    To the house,
    To the house.
    Walk away with out a sound.
    My Fair Lady

    Now get home and lock the door,
    Lock the door,
    Lock the door.
    Don't answer anymore.
    My Fair Lady.

    Take the gun to your head,
    To your head,
    To your head.
    Shoot yourself and now you're dead.
    My Fair Lady.

    Who will find you now you've died,
    Now you've died,
    Now you've died.
    You have no tears left to cry.
    My Dead Lady.