• her words always comforted him
    until the day she died by his hand
    she kissed him so dearly so nicely
    until the day he hurt those lips so badly
    she let him cry on her lap when something bad had happen
    until the day he cut those legs of hers
    always so nicely she used to tell him good night
    until the day there was no night for her anymore
    she used to let him touch her hair so beatuiful so dark
    until the day he let the blood mixed with her dark hair
    she used to always have that dark red love ribbon with her
    until the day he ripped it from her
    she loved him with all her life well that what she used to say
    until the day he took that love away her life
    everything as so beatuiful
    until the day she cheated on him
    But now there's only her body on the floor with no regert coming from him but from her in her heart heart