• A Game to be Played

    She's got a sad look in her eyes
    Everyone knows
    She's worn down and beat
    But, that's how homesickness goes

    She's been here too long
    She wants to go home
    But no one will let her
    Because she has no home

    She wants to break down and cry
    But, she holds it together
    Not very well
    Though, she wants to feel better

    Her life is a muck
    She misses them now
    But, she'll always be
    A misfit somehow

    Though she claims intelligence
    She's not really that smart
    She should have learned by now
    The rules of the heart

    Nothing can help her
    She wants to break free
    But what can she do
    When she's down on one knee?

    She's bowing to them
    Because she is their slave
    A puppet of sorts
    A game to be played

    Her life is a joke
    Has been for years
    And yet that doesn't stop
    The pain or the tears

    She wants to go home
    Break free of her chains
    Sit out in the cold
    While she watches it rain

    She's nor alonf
    But it feels like it now
    She'll be home to him soon
    Someway or somehow