• Apprehensive, my palms glisten
    Sweat crawls down the back of my neck
    The girls' eyes are fixed on me
    Stuck in a corner, there is no escape

    “Are you gonna tell her?
    If you don't then I will!”
    Pressure building, I need a way out
    Fumbling with a thread on my shirt
    I gulp back tears
    Five to one, this can't be fair

    They think I don't like her
    But honestly, I do
    Through mistreatment and blame
    I can't see how
    That I possibly could

    But wait, saved by the bell!
    I rush back inside
    Retaining my emotions
    I appear calm at my desk

    They may leave me alone
    But that's just for now
    Each time she takes advantage
    Each time I tell them
    Is another reason
    To be treated that way