• I lay upon this cold floor
    as you turn your back and walk from me..
    have you ever thought about anyone but yourself?
    I'm crying and its all for you
    but do you even care?

    I put away my pride and I let you go
    but baby I need you with me so bad
    I couldn't say it before but it hurts
    The cheating the lying I hate it all
    It's not alright I lied, yes I did
    I told you its okay but I'm lying to you
    I'm dying inside because you have gone away...

    You wish to take HER pain away
    Then why did you put me through so much
    I cant take this ache I wish to never speak to you again
    but I cant muster the courage to delete you from my page
    or my memory...
    . F-cloud
    You continue to walk away I cry out to you but you don't hear me..
    you hear her..but why? I scream for you to take me back
    I reach my hand to you but you ignore me needing grasp

    My tears fall slowly and you smile at me
    Were friends its ok you say..but its not fine to me
    but does what I want matter? I gave everything to you..
    I agreed with everything u did even though it killed me inside..
    I guess I am little importance to you I guess I should face it..

    Why cant you take away my pain figure yourself out some other time
    and stop hurting me right now! You talk like your dedicated to her
    then why couldn't you be good to me? I want to be your friend i do..
    But how can i when everyday I wish for you to hold me?

    I guess I am destined to watch you jump girl to girl
    I guess that has to happen its all you want to do..
    you say I'm the one who made a difference in your life
    then why do you leave me here broken on this floor....
    . F-Cloud