• i feel the anger boiling in my blood
    i feel my body going numb

    i feel the beast raging in my soul
    i feel my heart turning into a hole

    i glare at you across the way
    i hear the fear in the words you say

    i see the fear that is in your eyes
    where will you run? where will you hide?

    come on fight me! don't hesitate.
    make your move or i'll demonstrate

    i run after you in incredible speed
    you better run faster or i'll make you bleed

    the monster is released and my strength is revealed
    i have no weaknesses. nothing is concealed

    i throw you to the ground and beat you down
    every bone in your body's broken, i love that sound

    your finally dead. it's been alot of fun
    hope you had a good life cuz now your done....