• I look at you, and I can't help but smile.
    I just stare and you look up after a while.
    You smile back, bigger now;
    and I realize my cheeks hurt and I don't need to wonder how.

    I look away before someone calls me an idiot;
    but the smile won't get off of my face, like my nerves have been shot.
    My heart is pounding but it's so stupid,
    since we both already know we've been shot by cupid.

    We're going out but it's like we're still best friends;
    peeking over books and staring from around the bend.
    I'm so glad it's finally happened;
    so glad I'm more than just a friend.

    I look so stupid; smiling so big at the teacher like this is my favorite class.
    I think he's mumbling something boring about air mass...
    So I look over my shoulder while the teacher's back is to us,
    doing it kinda slick so I don't make a fuss.

    I see you across the room,
    and immediately my heart goes BUH-BOOM!
    I smile even bigger; I don't like where this is going.
    But you make a face and my laughter is only growing.

    I look away quickly;
    before I get in trouble.
    But deep inside my chest;
    I can hear my heart rumble.

    I take a sheet of paper out;
    and begin to write a note.
    As I put pencil to paper;
    and I quote;

    "You're my favorite person ever.
    You make me smile everyday.
    I love kissing your lips;
    no matter how cliche.
    I'll admit, you're not the perfect guy,
    and I'm definitely not the perfect girl,
    but somehow everyday;
    you make the butterflies in my tummy swirl.
    I love being with you,
    I believe I always will.
    And no matter how hungry my heart is;
    you're love always seems to fit the bill."