• verse 1: i firey inferno sweeps into the whole land when you're around. it feels.... uncontrollable... inconsoleable, just wonderful oh oh. no words can describe what i feel 4 u... its a warmth, its a light, its a.... new day.

    chorus 1: the sun comes up, a new day arrives, i feel pure and clean, now i am revived..... come run with me, skip with me.... be free forever more. struuuuuuuuuuuuck biggrin struck by u.

    verse 2; the sun fades away now its nighttime somehow.... where did the day go? it feels.... so impossible... so unstoppable, just horrible oh oh. y arent u with me? lonliness captures me. all alone, in the dark, sky is gray.

    Chorus 2; i am all alone, in darkness i fall, you're outta my reach, i cant c u at all..... come fall with me... DIE WITH ME i thought u loved me! struuuuuuuuuuuuck biggrin without u.