• So This Is It.

    There you were a little boy,
    Making smiles, solving toys.
    And I'm over there your insignificant girl
    Not knowing you'd later be my world.

    Time passes and in second grade
    I leave you there, turn a new page.
    My parents say it's your mom's fault.
    That teacher Could make pencils melt.

    And now we nine years later meet
    you make my palms sweat, more heart beats.
    We soon make friends and become ones too.
    Me from public, and you from private school.

    Fascinated into your eyes I look.
    Across the desks, above your book.
    Could this be the son of the teacher from Hell?
    Were my parents wrong? Did she mean well?

    Regardless of the questions unasked
    I chase after you, begin my task.
    But truth is unspoken, left in memory.
    A topic avoided-did you remember me?

    And as with friends to movies we go
    What are we scared that the other should know?
    Surely you've dodged the topic enough.
    But so have I. This honesty's tough.

    Alas, I fear we'll never know
    our silent fears, Our whispered woes.
    Because, as this is our grad year
    It's you saying goodbye, to get out of here.

    So God bless,
    Make your way out of this little town
    And study your heart out,
    Till in school work you drown.

    You might have followed dreams
    And not have left home so quick.
    Cause now you're life's passing by
    And I'm left out of it.