• My eyes could stare at the stars forever if I chose,
    To let them wander extensively in their desire.
    A small speck of light would send a playful glint;
    Temptation of will would commence a blazing fire,
    Scattering a horde of feral but innocuous beasts,
    Yet overly compelling to leave abrasion behind,
    Traipsing the much feeble obstructions of my mind.

    My mind would take part in space without my reign;
    There beyond the darkness would it resume to fly,
    Incessantly drifting around in a loathsome quest,
    Resting no more as though craving mercy to die,
    Awaiting the riposte of many abortive wishes.
    The sorrow it endures is equated with a capricious notion;
    It would appear as though worthy no longer of any devotion.

    The heart in my chest would weep loudly in my ears;
    Its piercing cry would stab daggers of hot, molded spears.
    Upon claiming one passionate ardor for a cold being,
    It may be more feasible that life would march coarsely,
    Where hope may be altered as one produced not one ring,
    That a valuable phase could be exploited for such a tragedy;
    Indeed, winter would assail the hapless core embedded in me.

    My hand would reach for a feature that is not attainable,
    So that dark, ominous clouds would surface profusely above;
    The veracity I was fateful to be entirely oblivious to absorb
    Would be exposed to the light that is gradually dimming,
    For as time moves on, the sparks would indubitably dissolve;
    The air may expire to waft no more ensuing from a broken par,
    My aggrieved heart would then abscond to become a star.