• dear mr. president i hope u get this letter.
    its comin from the heart been working on it forever
    i think we need to talk alot of thangs been happnen
    but im not good wit words so ima just rap it
    our economy is crap and people are dearanged
    now i no it takes time but durde we need change
    this aint just for obama so dont think thats true
    ima talk to every president all 44 of you
    like i said a long letter every word isnt nice
    but its all important and i kept it concise.
    so i think that i shouldt start from the bottom of my heart
    fix the economy because were falling apart.
    getting jacked by foregn aid man it isnt even funny
    weve got to get us right before we give away money
    its not wrong to do you it wont mak us sinnahs
    so lets fiix us first sincerley jhenna