• Boy: Yes! Finally that stupid rabbit won't ever find me again with my trix cereal! Wow! This is really good!
    Girl: Indeed. But we still need to watch out for him. He can be on our butts right now.
    ( Kids look down on their butts)
    Girl: What the [bleep]!!! The rabbit is on our butts!
    Boy: Get him off me! Ahh! You gay rabbit! Go to Luckys and buy your own Trix!!! Geeez!!
    Rabbit: Nah, I'd rather stalk you guys.
    Girl: How do you find us? Do you have a GPS or somehting?
    Rabbit: No, I use facebook and twitter.
    ( A moment of silence)
    Boy: Rabbit, How old are you?
    Rabbit: 29, and quit calling me rabbit! I am John Smith!!!
    Boy: What are you talking about?
    Girl: He is saying, that we should go to zOMG world, get a gun there, and shoot him.
    John Smith: No, I said my name is John Smith, now I know you guys are only about 9 years old, and using strong language, but Please don't do that.
    Boy: Today is opposite day!
    ( Girl brings out riffle)
    Girl: Bye bye!
    ( Shoots)