• The Right Person

    Another year coming
    And I always here, alone
    Will I'll never find?
    That person who always will love me?
    I know everyone will make me suffer
    But it's hard to know who really worthy due,
    Because the enchanted love leaves us
    And blind
    And then break as crystals
    And Burns as plants
    Step us as the ground
    Crush us as ants
    Never learned the lesson
    That love just wants to make us fall
    In a bottomless abyss
    In a deep sleep
    Filled with nightmares
    Without sweets to meet us
    Satisfy that hunger insane
    That makes us suffer.
    When will this pain will pass?
    And this nightmare? When will I wake up?
    I know that when you wake up the other side of the bed will be empty and neat, as always
    Expecting that person, which promises to make me happy, reach.
    "the right person"