• We as a species have evolved in many ways, weather it be physically, mentally, or with things around us. Now adays people seem to expect perfection, and when they see something that doesn't or shouldn't be they jump to judge. Todays daily life consists of Racist, imature, ignorant, and pitiful people. They don't seem to realize something a word that brings us all together, a word that describes us as a species. That word is HUMAN.
    It may just be a word, but it upholds us and defines us. look at yourself in the mirror then look at another. What do you see? I see a face, it may differ from others but its still a face. I see hair, just as many others have. I have two hands, and two feet just like others (including the ones that may not have some parts there is always a reason they don't but in spirit they do). I have organs the same as all others. Yes my parts may differ from the males but we are all born the same, we all have the same things.
    Why is it that we have segragated our selves. From color to race, to even our looks. How are we different?. There isn't a pure line anymore, somewhere down the line there is a mix just because you look like one thing doesn't mean you have to be that. (there are exceptions to that last sentence I admit some white people are so not meant to be black) Think about it how are you so different from then next person? We are all one species we just vary. So Why do we push ourselves more apart, when we all come from the same thing other humans to make more humans who see a world of humans. It is our species.