• Some say I`m beautiful,As if I were a princess
    You can look closely,But please dont obsess.
    Some say I`m modest,But I try not to boast
    Seldom it is I who loves, Unlike most.
    Those who give themselves away to quickly,Find hardship to fast
    I am not ashamed,I love at last.
    From Romeo to Juliet,To the beat of my heart
    Not even death,could pry us apart.

    Life passes so quickly,As if it were all a dream
    Or like crisp cold water,travelling down a stream.
    So clear it is, So slow it will flow
    Dear Cupid just watches,in his hand a bow.
    Apparently I was shot with it, So close to the a**
    Suddenly I fell, Landing roughly in the grass.
    Looking into nothing, My pale blue-green eyes would gaze
    Lost from the thought of nothing, As I guiging through a maze.

    Quickly I drew, So fast to my feet
    Now feeling the sensation,My heat,How quickly it beats.
    Yet Cupid never hit me, It was only you
    You were the silver sword I quickly drew.
    Slashing my way, Through every last thing
    Now around me, Hovers a silver ring.
    So beautiful it is, Yet so quickly it goes
    Keep close watch, Because nobody knows.
    Until he quickly draws, And soon you`re hit
    Only to be left wondering. What is it?