• A child's cry is a soothing sound to her,
    A man's stumbling is her awaking,
    No man, nor god can stand in the way,
    Of a Mother and her Child.

    Releasing the crimson color from the victim,
    Only seeking to protect the Child,
    A Mother seeks out another mate,
    Only like a black widow will he soon die.

    The knife will cut deep into their hearts,
    But it builds a stronger love for her Child,
    More crimson colors flow, Victim to Victim,
    The Mother Grows Strong.

    Finally the Child grows,
    The Mother still seeks another Victim,
    The Child cries to her,
    The Mother Loses all control,

    The Child's cry is a haunting sound to her,
    The sound of Machine is now soothing,
    Lost all Sanity,
    The Mother Lives In The Past.