• Sunshine so right
    The moon so bright
    Dance with me boy
    We're all just a toy
    In this game of life
    Listen to the beat
    Come on move your feet
    A princess and a prince
    Can't give you any hints
    Don't tick me off
    All I want is peace
    No more of this, ceace
    One more hour till dawn
    One second and you're gone
    Into the night

    To think
    To dream
    To be free
    Baby tell me all your secrets
    You can tell me

    I didn't want to say good-bye
    Mabey we could try again
    I feel so trapped in here
    Trapped inside this pen
    You called yourself the blade
    Baby you were handmade
    You were sharp as a sword
    Baby you were so sweet
    You never made a hiss
    Baby you were such a treat
    All I wanted was a kiss

    (Repeat Chorus)