• Stary stary nights filled with such delights
    Killing from ouuta sight
    Killing with such delight
    Coming from such a dark place
    To kill the human race
    Coming from such a dark place
    Hearts frozen with disgrace
    For all death has brought me
    For all pain has sort me
    The thought of killing thrills me
    Delights me
    Fills me with plassures
    I sever your fleash
    And pearce your vains
    Your pain is a comfort
    You watch as i drain
    No mortel could understand me
    Im so complext
    Yet angry
    Yet sad
    Yet filled with regret
    See i am a creature
    So misunderstood
    A threat
    A danger
    Dont hate me
    Dont hurt me
    Just love
    Looks are Deceiving
    As you well no
    I may look like an angel
    And yet i feel so cold
    My lips to you mortels
    Resemble velvet
    My eyes are illuminus
    My skin so soft
    My nails so long
    Strength like steal
    Please head my song
    I Sing from my heart
    My soul
    This is my part
    this as i suck you to death
    Tourturing you brings me pleaser
    Tourtering you makes me die
    Head this warning
    If you see me
    Run for your life
    In a soft wisper
    I snigger slightly
    Run run as fast as you can
    I am a vampire
    Ill catch you
    And kil you
    And drink your sweet nector
    You souls mine
    Ill catch you
    And kill you
    Just watch me
    Mortel of mine