• Can you imagine a world,
    A world where you could bend elements?
    That world seems impossible.
    No, improbable.

    Can you imagine the fire that burns passionately inside you,
    The warm hue of crimson and gold
    Wrapping you, trapping you.
    Colors you can't even imagine.
    The warmth so intense and filled with life.

    Can you imagine bending the water of the ocean,
    Pushing and pulling it to your will,
    Swirling around you,
    Feeling the cool sensation as it goes around you,
    Touching it and remembering the good times.

    Can you imagine bending the wind of the skies,
    Taking all of the clouds and creating what your imagination desires,
    Pushing yourself off the earth and into the air, flying.
    Falling knowing that you'll be alright.
    Making winds that caress your cheek with the slightest flick of your wrist.

    Can you imagine bending the earth that God has given us,
    Moving mountains like Hercules
    You could make a world all of your own,
    A world that exists like the one I imagine...