• Random Tacos

    By: Emily Mayo

    Night falls on the horizon
    Everything is not still.
    Vacuums fly through the trees
    Earth runs ramped
    Running through your dreams.

    Giraffes and gorillas eat your baby’s feet
    Onomonopias such as pow and boom
    Nom hand ha bloop and beep
    None of these are what you hear when you drift

    Galloping piccolos
    Invisible ostriches
    Vibrant colors
    Every ware you look.

    Yellow fire
    Orange trees
    Ulysses S. Grant wears a red skirt

    Upon the rooftops
    Passing through your dreams

    Narrow eyes stab you
    Everyone’s around you
    Vile air surrounds you
    Evil uproars when the king falls
    Random penguins also run.

    Good kind and gentile
    Old new great and true
    No one knows where the nose goes.
    No one knows.
    At all.



    Dreams can be a funny thing
    Old or new or in between.
    Worlds fall heroes rise,
    Newts are knights too.

    Never quit dreaming.
    Everyone has thoghts.
    Very toxic ideas.
    Eveyware you look
    Random nonsence.

    On and on and on it goes
    No no no
    No one knows the pain
    Armadillos have killed me.

    Really blue tomatoes
    Ugly chickens spring to life
    Nasty children ate you.

    Adrian Mc Squeeky
    Ran around the bend
    On and on and on
    Uther Pendragon definitely is
    Not your mom.
    Don’t you think so?

    Do not print your name on the line.

    Destruction and chaos
    Everyware is glowing
    Engravings of Cheetos
    Red awesomness in

    Yes you can escape
    Only one has not.
    Uncle Thomas.

    You have just been Rick Rolled!!!!!

    this is also an acrostic smile lol

    i only did the some of the chorus though.