• I will be buried in a plain casket
    I'm itchin for Hell, where's my hand basket?
    My thoughts race at such a quick pace, I can't mask it
    So I raise my hand and demand to ask s**t
    I wanna spit like pros, but the prose I chose
    kills flows like when it snows and gives frostbite to hobos
    What the ******** am I saying? Begin dismaying,
    Filleting me fully so there's no use in praying
    I can't escape the red tape that shapes me
    Wide mouths gape while bureaucracy rapes me
    I am stuck in paper, dictating fate
    Wriggling around like a dinoflagellate
    Pity me, the epitome of the Nation's state
    Clear off your calendars, remember this date
    It's the day the system falls and and we crash through the walls
    Or the day I realize my rhymes never mattered at all