• why do i watch as he starts again
    starts a cycle without end
    another heart will be broken
    new heartbreak awoken
    he speaks to me
    my heart leaps with glee
    yet i know it cannot be
    him and me
    he says i love you
    but i know its not true
    he says he needs me,
    that he'll never leave me
    but i can see he doesnt mean it
    i was to blind to see it
    one day it was perfect and he was with me
    the next he was gone and my heart began to bleed
    i loved him wth all my heart
    and now my world has fallen apart
    an empty room
    a broken heart
    a whisper in the dark
    "i love you,dear. its sad we're apart"
    a loaded gun
    a message written
    one last good bye and the gun goes off
    a bloody tear runs down a stark white cheeck
    a last thought runs through the mind
    "he will never be mine"