• Dont care what you say,Dont care what you think.
    But no matter what im followin my dreams.
    You cant knock me down,You cant pull me up.
    So guess what I can do what I want.
    Your not my boss in anyway.
    Stop tryin to ruin my day.
    Im probally wrong but I dont care.
    Dont mess with me,Dont you Dare.
    Watever you think I guess its the best.
    I wish I knew you were just a test.
    Now I told you my feeling so leave me alone.
    And dont you give me that voice of tone.
    Ive now said it so my work is done.
    Life isn't a party,Just to have fun.
    Take life seriously not as a game.
    Perfect is not just Fortune and Fame.
    Love is the magic in us all.
    It helps you when youve had a great fall.
    Thats all I ever had to say.
    I hope it helps light the way!