• Its a dark and lonely place,
    Where there is only pain and suffering,
    Within the eerie still silence

    A heart cannot beat here,
    A soul cannot survive here,
    A person's will and spirit are broken here.

    This place holds many in it's shadows,
    This place drains the life from everything,
    that it touches.

    While i reside in this place,
    Why is it that I can still breathe,
    Why is it that my heart still beats faintly.

    My will, spirit, soul, and heart,
    have been shattered,
    So why is it I'm still alive,
    living in an endless torture.

    I wish for death.
    I wish to escape the torture.
    I wish to escape the very pain,
    that trapped me.
    The very pain that shattered my being.

    I am so broken,
    Yet this place,
    just won't end my eternity of suffering.