• Apathetic and pathetic, that's a gray life.
    But there was color in those windows to your soul.

    A technicolor world filled with beauty and possibilities.
    is better than a grayscale globe that doesn't seem to spin.

    Numb hands cannot feel a stab, cannot convey pain,
    Id rather paint the sun with a pin p***k and a dab of crimson.
    Your skin cannot feel warmth either without feeling,
    so while I help color the world I can feel yours against mine.

    The grit of sand attached to us felt rough as we brushed together.
    The smooth feel of the wind stroked us softly as we blushed together.

    Pigment seeped forth from our cheeks.
    Saturation and definition was adjusted from the distortion.

    Our lives took on a clean coat and were still painting that canvas.