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    I Remember oh so long ago
    A time when a man fell into a mountain.
    Down he fell, oh so far away from the world he used to know
    Into a world that was so long ago forgotten.
    A world of fantasy and wonder.

    I Remember oh so long ago,
    the man took fruit from a sacred tree.
    He began to change from man, into one of them,
    He began to change from man to magic.
    The human man was no long apart of the normal world but now part of Magic.

    The man protected, and saved all those who had fallen into darkness!
    He knew his time was short, and so he picked five to protect and save.
    The five came willingly away, to train with monks and warriors of old.
    He trained the five to become! The Guardians of Magic.

    The five protected and saved, more people than most know.
    They worked together
    They fought together
    They were saviors.
    But when a dark cloud came, five turned to three.

    The two were not forgotten but turned into song,
    While the three still carry on.
    They are the caretakers
    Of Sky, Land, and Mind.
    They are the founding stones of life.

    So many battles fought!
    So many battles won
    So many battles lost
    The guardians did their job, and still do.

    Now a dark shadow forms on the horizen.
    That will test their strengths.
    It will put them to the test,
    Which will be life or death.
    he fate of two worlds has been decided, one will be saved, the other will fall.

    I Remember, oh so long ago,
    A time when the Guardians of Magic,
    Turned to Song.