• Led Through Darkness By My Shadow (Screamo)
    By :Sam-me smile
    Lead Me! [Loud Guilter intro]
    (I'm Bleeding)
    Blinded by your lies,
    My sight is Black.
    I Can't see
    (Lead Me!)

    In Back alley ways
    Where you left me
    Me and my shadow alone..
    (I'm leaving)
    Your scars are forever shown
    on your knees
    But I'm already gone..

    I'm led by my shadow
    through the darkness of your design
    no longer at your side
    I'm winning this battle
    I'm not giving up to you
    take me from here
    lead me home...

    Well your mistaken
    for all the beatings,
    I have taken
    I'm all but Shaken'

    Your last breathe is mine
    And through the darkness
    Her eyes shine,
    I take her hand
    Leaving you alone,
    and on your own.


    (Female voice; Speaks)
    A protaiting smile
    leaving your lips
    I fade into our old darkness