• “My Grandmother And Friend”

    Today I sat alone and stared out the window
    The thought of someone special came to my mind
    She was strong and tough
    She was kind and caring
    She meant a lot to me
    I would listen to her stories from back when
    Stories of when she was a child
    Stories of people she met and friends she made
    There were times when she wouldn’t speak at all
    We would just sit and stare at the fire in the fireplace

    I could see the years in her face
    The wisdom in her eyes
    The love in her smile
    When I held her hand
    As she finally let go of life
    I was devastated
    My heart was broken
    My spirit was crushed
    I loved my grandmother very much
    She was my friend

    I think of her often
    And I’ll remember her always
    Not how she died
    But rather how she lived
    And she is still here in my heart
    Sitting in her rocking chair
    Gazing at the fire
    Telling her stories
    Sharing her memories
    And there she will remain forever