• It's so bright
    It's so pure white
    A light desired by all human race
    A light that all human race were search for their lifetime
    A light that blinds everyone who came near

    That is truth
    Everyone were drawn to it
    Mindlessly walks to the blinding white light
    Drunk with all the light they see
    With their greed they wish to own the light for themselves

    But alas they didn't see what is behind the bright white light
    That is an engulfing dark pitch-black shadow of their own

    Even though some is seeing their shadow
    They always wish to drunk the blissful ignorance and the sweet lies
    Or they made false imaging and a wishful illusion to forget their shadow

    But they avoiding the facts about the power of both light and shadow
    They only do only what they wish to do
    Either blinded by the white light
    Or swallowed by the black shadow

    May the one who brave enough to harness the power of light and dark
    Achieve a wild card named so as it called "Talent"