• What if the wound is just to deep?
    The blood just continues to seep.
    Yet the one in pain never whispers a peep.
    This secret she must keep.

    This weight on her shoulder..
    Her body grows colder.
    Secret crushing her like a boulder.

    All everyone else sees is the smile she shows.
    What's hidden below nobody knows.
    While inside it grows and grows.

    She just continues to move ahead.
    While the fire deep inside is fed.
    All the colors she see's turning 2 blood red.

    Looking at her you'd never see how hard she fell.
    The whispers say pick your poision well.
    As for the secret you must never tell.

    She watches a tear hit the ground.
    Thankful yet again nobody is around.
    For to this secret she is forever bound.

    She's screams out in pain hoping it's a nightmare.
    Yet to answer her call noone is there.
    To the pain she grows more aware.
    Tell this secret.. Does she dare?

    She needs to get it off her chest,
    or she'll be dead at best.

    She starts running looking 4 someone to tell.
    4 with every second she falls closer to hell.
    Sadly she knows this all to well.

    There's noone around when she crys out.
    Her soul filling evermore with doubt.
    You may ask what's this secret about?

    Well, I can not tell for she never got to say.
    She fell to hell before she could give it away.
    It remains a secret to this day.
    So, still want to complain how things don't go your way?
    I wont listen til I see you begin to fall astray.