• To form a bond between words and soul,
    often found wandering through the wastelands
    of a world with no sun and no moon.

    Illumination comes to the wanderer only with the
    presence of thought, the birth of an idea so powerful,
    that the unspoken words crumble beneath its profundity.

    From untold memories of lost love, deception, and redemption,
    the wanderer seeks to translate emotion into a form of art that
    has no intoxicating sounds or beautiful images at first glance.

    Armed with the undefined, unspoken word that could burn the
    blood of a nation or drive a man to insanity, the wanderer begins
    his quest for a cure to an affliction that is unknown and unattainable.

    Tormented night and day by an inner calling best left unchecked,
    the wanderer fights desperately within himself to calm the storm of
    self-proclaimed righteousness and zealousy, he remains a figment
    of mystery to the untrained eye, and an undefined category to an
    untapped mind.