• A girl steps forward into the room
    I look up from my seat
    To see an unattractive face
    A scrawny body, and large feet.
    Her hair is dull and an awful brown
    Tied up in a thick, knotted bunch.
    And as she begins to walk nearer
    She does so with a hunch.
    Her chest has a very shallow slope
    Hidden under a shirt that is not her size
    And pants that pool around her ankles
    Because her hips are far to wide.
    She takes the seat next to me
    And I can get a closer look
    At her long, crooked, British nose
    That curls up in a hook.
    Her eyebrows are bushy and do not match
    Her nails are bitten, red and raw
    And to see her shift uncomfortably
    Made me suppress a guffaw.
    Pretty girls look back and giggle.
    I turn, with ugly things to say
    But stop, when I find her eyes
    Looking through me, deep and gray.
    And then in an almost angelic voice
    She speaks finally:
    "Your outer shells are beautiful,
    But not as fine as me.
    You harbor ugly hatred
    But I-I do not.
    What makes you lovely is not on your skin,
    But what is in your heart."