• your body is my canvas
    cold, hard and blank
    your becoming bruises
    and your gorgeous broken bones
    are just signs of my art

    your face is the frame
    to hold the painted picture of tears
    as they stream so delicately into your tangled dark hair
    it is so beautiful,
    and i can barely contain my joy as i use your strands to paint your face
    with drying clumping bits of your sweet red blood
    while its drying so sticky on your lovely face,
    the spilt blood of yours
    drains quietly to the floor puddling around
    adding to this
    as another sign of my art

    its because of you i adore
    the light
    its so bright as the light is captured into your coldness
    they stare at me so glassy and glazed
    were one a bright blue now an extinguished milky white
    i can still see you staring at me in your pain filled glorious anguish
    and i see the way the sunlight flickers onto your cold, soft skin
    i feel a touch of remorse as i think of how such a beauty like you shouldn't have been wasted
    im sorry but i did tell you
    i couldn't keep you
    and your untempered strong will
    too beautiful to just discard
    i created another piece
    another one
    another sign of my art.