• I guess this time should have been called "partly taken" I should have made sense of why this relationship had no managment. It wasn't the fact that we were far away (we wern't), but the fact we had sometimes no limit and then sometimes.... well, no time. I take this chance to make sure that this wasn't no mistake, I do get frighted, don't we all? And I do get bothered, don't we all?

    But I knew I was making a mistake, every pueny step I took, I knew. To knock on your door took at least five minutes, and to feel calm and assured, that remains unknown. It was an addiction, to walk in the palace I used to rome into, day in and out. But make this no regret, at the end of this result I was rested that it wouldn't and shouldn't happen, but I was wrong.

    For the next month, you, you took control over me. Posessed me with the thing you call "romance". So yeah, you throw in the rose, which did no effect. And you at least managed to pull the chair out for me... You, out of every human actually had your dreams come true, and your imaginations possible in every turn. And in every mile, I had a twist, thank you.

    All I wanted was to tell you what I had to be free from, from sleeping with you, telling you my secrets, expressing feelings. Trying to make you happy, hoping that some point my eyes can close without the tears.

    But don't we all get cold?