• Sometimes it feels as though the world has turned and left me here.
    With no direction, I face my fear.
    I stand on the dark side of this heartless earth
    while light shines on the new birth.

    Trembling knees hold a weak, defenseless being
    while the presence of my gaining past I am not seeing.
    And the sound of silence drives one mad;
    how to forget it all, all you've ever had.

    And shaky hands hold an unsteady world.
    An unfit mother holds a baby girl.
    And old spinal chord holds an ever-learning brain.
    Two young lovers hold each other in the rain.

    We hold on tight and try never to be parted
    but everything ends and goes back to where it started.
    And the tightest grip or the strongest man
    cannot grasp time in the palm of his hand.