• I lived for five years.
    No dreams, no hate, no sorrow, no outside world.
    I was a virgin to my surroundings.
    Everything was peaceful, enjoyable, new.
    Five years....
    Freedom of life, freedom of the world.
    Change never happening.
    No one ever dying.
    When someone died, I assumed they were going away on a vacation for awhile.
    Five years....
    A time of peace, with no failure.
    An olden time where everything was goody-goody gumdrops.
    A time where one didn’t hide their emotions, a desolate area of bliss.
    Five years.....
    It was all I had before it blew up in my face.
    It ended with a dream.
    One simple dream; a dream in which I will never forget.
    A dream of a different life.
    A dream of different name.
    A dream of a different family.
    A different kind of dream.
    It only took me so long. And then….I died.
    Five years only; gone.