• We are taught to be honest
    We are mentored to be true
    But its never just enough
    To be 100% "You"

    You must be 2% smart
    And 10% stupid
    You may know the answer
    But pretend you never knew it

    You must be 5% different
    And 20% the same
    Learn to follow the crowd
    And bear your head in shame

    You must be 50% plastic
    Of this you have one shot
    Some faces are born pleasing
    Some faces are simply not

    You must be 3% truthful
    And 9% full of lies
    Of all the nasty people
    It is yourself that you despise

    That leaves just 1%
    !% just to be you
    !% percent to read a book
    Because its what you like to do

    1% to struggle
    And to somehow stay afloat
    While your friends drown you with liquor
    Too help the drugs go down your throat
    But they wont stick around too greet
    Paramedics in white coats
    Or stand the crowd
    As the ones that loved you most