• Ocean Soul

    Solitary waves
    in the cruel flow of a life,
    lost souls
    under a ruthless crescent moon,
    fragile shadows
    in long flashes of loneliness.

    Breath, puff, air!
    Life is drowning, suffocating.
    Color, sight, light!
    It's falling into an abyss, too dark.
    Silence, rest, peace!
    It dissolves in a labyrinth of chaos.

    So long craved peace,
    so long invoked oblivion,
    far, away from here,
    in a world distant from this one,
    bring us, save us.

    Being different, faraway,
    divided by different experiences.
    Lonely creatures, scattered,
    joined by the same desperation.
    The same silent cry of pain.

    Meeting, discovering, sharing.
    Shutting away, losing, breaking up.
    But never separating, always merging.
    Fragile yet indissoluble bonds in the storm.
    Invisible bright forces in the dark.

    Together forever in the Ocean soul.